About Sleigh

Hello, friends! My name is Stephanie Leigh. I design websites and build brands. I believe that the most powerful tool for success is a positive first impression, and I work alongside clients to ensure that they are sending online visitors the right messages. You only get two-tenths of a second to influence your audience. Let’s make it count.

Design Services


You have ideas. You have A LOT of ideas. You want to sell your homemade t-shirts and ice cream in your new yoga studio while walking dogs on the weekends. It’s too much. Not for you, maybe. But, it’s too much for one brand. I help you refine your brand strategy, and I will wordsmith mission statements and catchphrases like a boss, so that your clients know exactly what to expect from you.


Now, more than ever, logos have become an integral part of brand development. They are the thread that binds your physical product or service with your online presence, and it is imperative that your logo meet certain standards to seamlessly flow across all mediums. I specialize in custom typography and wordmark logos that will slay on your business cards and your Instagram handle.


Websites are business cards of the 21st century. Whether you like it or not, if you don’t have a website, your business does not exist. An online presence offers you instant credibility, and credibility increases the likelihood of making the right first impression on your target market. I specialize in creating Squarespace & WordPress websites that prioritize the user’s experience and are also easy to manage.

Social Media

If you want this business of yours to grow, then content marketing via social media should be a top priority. Your graphics, your posting times, your hashtags, yes, they all matter. I can help you optimize your social media by creating a strategy that focuses on these elements while staying true to your brand. Think calendars, consistency, and of course, creativity.

Client Testimonials

  • Lindsay Bonner

    Stephanie was such a pleasure to work with! She was so helpful guiding us step by step in the process of building our website. She also found solutions for us that were cost effective and she did this without us specifically asking her to do so. I will continue to use Stephanie in the future for projects we have related to our website and social media platforms. I will be recommending Stephanie and her services going forward!

  • Bret Smith

    I would HIGHLY recommend Stephanie to be your Marketing, SEO & Web developer. She possesses a strong skill set and knowledge base. Her communication skills are spot on. Her analysis of the business requirements is very thorough. Thanks, Stephanie. You rock!

  • Betsy Jones

    Stephanie is an amazing workhorse. She’s resentless. Stephanie was the manager of my large twenty-year old studio for two years and did the work of five people. Her marketing and managing skills are brilliant!

  • Tony Bridwell

    Stephanie is a true servant leader with a heart for helping others succeed. Stephanie is a keen marketer with a focus on excellence. I appreciate her ability to help others find their greatest potential. She is a delight to work with and a huge addition to any team.

  • Mike Schindler

    Stephanie Kemp is a true blessing to work with. She is exceptional at getting YOUR story told to those who need to hear it. She is quick to listen and slow to speak – and in doing so, she is able to craft the message so others want to hear it. And what is incredibly refreshing is that she follows through on what she says she will do. This alone sets her apart in a very crowded space.

Boise, Idaho USA